Linux and Windows Servers

Customer Needs Survey for Server Configuration.

Software installation

File Servers with Free or Licensed Software

Firewall Configuration with Free Software

VPN connection with Free Software.

Server for the Control of Navigation with Free Software.

Development, Configuring and Installing Application Servers.

Web Servers with Free Software

Hardware Management

Equipment Update.

Repair of Equipment in the Customer’s home.

Pickup of Equipment and repairment in our laboratory.

Budget without charge.

Data Recovery from Damaged Hard Drives.

LCD / CRT Monitor Repair

Migration to Free Software

Migration of Application, File, Web Servers to Servers deployed with Free / Linux Software tools.

Migration of Desktop to Free Software.

Installation of Free Applications.

Licensing Regularization

  • In the event of possible software licensing claims, we offer you the widest range of possibilities at the lowest cost, according to the following topics:

  • Client Software Survey.

  • Migration of Applications to compatible tools under Free Software.

  • Provision of Proprietary Software Licenses.

  • Removal and delivery of equipment.


Maintenance of Computer Park in Preventive and Corrective modes.

Weekly Technical Visit for the Check and Control of the equipment.

Virus removal as well as of spyware, malware and other malicious software that cause malfunction in computers.

Software Updates.

Advice to the end user.

Hardware Changes.

Extra Technical Visit in cases of emergency within 24 hours. of receiving the order.

IT Consulting

Consulting for the acquisition and installation of new software on the client.

Solutions to software needs.

Business Support

On Site Technical Support or through Remote Access to Small and Medium Enterprises.

Technical team for customers with a large computer park, through availability 24/7 with dedicated staff full time.

Armed Help Desk, attention to the end users of the customers through a help desk created for this purpose.

Technical visits at the address previously agreed with the client.

Rental of Laser Printers with Toner and Technical Service included.

Database Administration

Administration, maintenance and optimization of PostgreSQL and MySQL database servers.

Configuration of Clusters in High Availability (HA), to guarantee the integrity, scalability and availability in the access of the data.