The Company

Soluciones informáticas

Our services include consulting, design, development, installation, set-up and maintenance of computer systems of all kinds; in particular those oriented to the Web.

We believe the customer is not a number, and deserves all our effort and attention. That is why we try to assist you in a personalized way to solve your concerns with the greatest efficiency, and not through remote and impersonal schemes.

We aim to meet the needs of the Small and Medium Enterprise, as well as entities and entities of government of all sizes.

We handle 100% of the maintenance and service of PCs, notebooks, servers and printers, from hundreds of customers. Whether through technical support payments of your computer equipment or through the provision of repair subscriptions to your installed parks.

Our specialty is to make computers available all the time, making the total preventive and corrective technical service of servers, computers or printers, and without occupying any of the client´s employees (neither fixed or temporary).

We are fundamentally suppliers of those who demand the outsourcing of the technical support of their servers, PCs, laptops and printers, with a scope that extends to Buenos Aires City and the entire Province of Buenos Aires.

We offer total responsibility and coverage in all matters related to the backup of digital resources, backup services, security in corporate networks, and data protection and confidentiality.

We provide comprehensive support and hosting to a large community of websites through our own servers housed in data centers of our property, which operate around the clock, 365 days a year.

We also develop software tailored to a growing and increasingly demand for online applications.

We offer open source software based on the conviction that the Open Source philosophy enables efficient, secure and stable services. Thus our customers have the independence and tranquility that comes from the integral and non-captive availability of their applications.

We perform migration and integration of operating systems, assisting the customer in everything related to the optimization of their technical and economic resources

We have a Quality Management System that allows us to be certified in Iso 9001: 2000, and recertified with the 2008 version of the ISO Standards.